Russian visas


Foreign citizens as well as the persons without citizenship have the right to entry the Russian Federation and leave the Russian Federation if they possess the Russian visa, obtained on the basis of their valid personal documents, which are recognized by the Russian Federation.

A foreign citizen, entitled to obtain the Russian visa, shall present to the Consular Section the following documents:

  1. Valid passport (diplomatic or service or foreign passport / passport for traveling abroad);
  2. Copy of the passport;
  3. Filled in a visa application form at with a photo;
  4. The original of invitation + copy of the invitation;
  5. AIDS/HIV test result is compulsory if the planned trip exceeds 3 months, as well as for study visa applicants.

The presented passport shall not contain notes, remarks, writings, corrections, which are not certified by the competent authorities of the foreign state, torn or unpicked pages; there must be at least 2 clean pages from both side; passport shall be valid at least after 6 months, starting from the date, when the visa expires.

In case of appliance for common private visa regarding the necessity to entry the Russian Federation for urgent medical treatment or on account of a disease or death of a relative, passport shall not expire sooner when the visa does.

In case of applying for study or work visa the passport shall not expire sooner than 1,5 year starting from the date when visa is valid.

N.B. It is recommended to the study visa holders to enter Russia at latest 20 days before the return date indicated in the invitation.

Application form is filled in at website. Answers on the questions shall be detailed. Application form is signed by the foreign citizen personally.

Size of the photo shall be 3×4 cm (made in color or black-and-white), the full face depicted shall have clear image, without sunglasses, without caps and hats (due to the religious tradition, one can present his/her photo with a religious head-dress under the condition that this foreign citizen is depicted the same way in his own passport).


Transit visas

The transit through the territory of the Russian Federation of the foreign citizens and the persons without citizenship to the destiny state is allowed by all means of transportation, if the persons possess the Russian transit visa, the visa to the destiny state as well as valid tickets with confirmed departure date out of the Russian Federation.

The applicant shall present the following documents to the Consular Section:

  1. Passport with the valid visa of the state of destination (if such visa is compulsory);
  2. Application form;
  3. One photo;
  4. Valid tickets with confirmed departure date out of the Russian Federation.

N.B. The citizens of Georgia, the United Kingdom and the United States are subject to fill a supplement to the application form (issued in the Consular Section) for all types of the visas.