The consular legalization means confirming the authenticity and compliance to the legislation of the state and is realized by confirmation of the signature and the seal, which are made by a corresponding authority with the purpose, that these documents shall be used in other country.

The documents, issued by the authorities or with the participation of the foreign authorities, and which are to be used in the Russian Federation shall be legalized in the Consular Institutions of the Russian Federation after these documents had been legalized in the Ministry of Foreign Affaires, or in other entitled official authority, where the documents were done. The authenticity of the signature and the seal of the official institution are certified.

The documents which contradict the Russian legislation and/or due to the information presented could negatively affect the interest of the Russian Federation, as well as the documents which are not subject to be demanded shall not be legalized.

It should be noted, that at the present moment neither the Republic of Cameroon, nor the Republic of Equatorial Guinea are the parties to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961.