Honorary consul in Douala

Starting from the November 2004, the Russian Honorable Consulate was opened in the city of Douala. Since that time Jean Marie Tchuissang, the Honorable Consul, represents the Russian Federation and gives support on the issues he is entitled to.

His consular districts are the South-Western, the Littoral, and the Southern Provinces.

The Honorable Consul shall represent his duties personally. He has the right to apply to the local authorities on the matters relating to his consular activity.

Under the direction of the Russian Embassy to Cameroon, the Honorable Consul protects the rights of the persons and/or organizations of the Russian Federation, takes measures in order to the Russian citizens enjoy their rights completely.

On the demands of the Russian citizens and/or organization, located in his consular districts, the Honorable Consul takes measures to restore their violated rights.

The Honorable Consul shall inform the Russian citizens within his consular districts about their rights and responsibilities in the host state.