Documents on demand

The citizens of the Russian Federation, the foreign citizens and the persons without citizenship are entitled to apply to the Russian Archives and/or to the Embassy of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Cameroon to demand the necessary document(s).

In order to demand the document(s) from the territory of the Russian Federation, a person shall apply to the Consular Section and fill 2 copies of the application form for every document; a consular tariff shall be paid.

The filled application form shall be sent via the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affaires of the Russian Federation to the corresponding archives, located on the territory of the Russian Federation. The search procedure been completed, the archive sends the document via Consular Department to the Embassy.

When the demanded document is unable to be found, an archive informs an applicant via the Consular Department.

It must be noted that there are documents, which are not subject to be demanded, for example the originals of work-book, pension card, and military card.

Before leaving the territory of the Russian Federation for residence the mentioned documents are to be deposed to the corresponding organizations. On the basis of the information, presented in the documents, the certificates are issued regarding the work experience and/or military service.

The same restrictions are used, when the duplicate of the marriage certificate is demanded by a divorced person, as well as the birth certificate for deceased.

The birth certificates of the minors are demanded by their legal representatives.

The death certificate can be demanded by the relatives of the deceased or by a company for official purposes only.

In case if a diploma, attestation, certificate and/or other educational document is demanded, an applicant shall compensate all the expenses relating to the search, duplicate production, its certification and mailing.

In case of demanding the police certificate, an applicant shall personally fill a form, present the valid passport and its copy.

It should be noted, demanding the documents from abroad takes some time and an applicant is subject to the consular tariff without exception.